Produced by: @kingkoscheii


Coming up young black lovely b*tch you can’t love me only on Feb 14 or 28 days in the month
365 from back to front, let me see that from you

Caught up in loving me loving me not - Stop.
Love me or leave or leave me alone, love me or leave me to flourish
I jump to the beat of my drum, come and see me if wanna get Up

Knowledge of self, is knowledge of all
Gimme the real, I’ll give you my thoughts
Don’t waste my time wasting yours
Making it known
I’m not for the konkonsah!
I’m not for the gossip
Stop it.
My energy strong, currency long

That’s the equivalent force
Of focusing forward
Or putting in work for the knowledge
Putting in work for what’s yet to become
Vision is crystal i know what I want

No fear in my heart
I don’t have the storage
I’m young, black, free know you can see it, baby be honest
Only got time if you can be timeless
Free of the bondage like I gone braless